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Snapshots, v. 22

I believe this is my first Saturday post! Hello! I’m posting some snaps a day late … some food, some jewels, some quirky trinkets … hope you’re all having the best day and that you have some lovely Halloween plans … Continue reading

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Macaroni and Cheese with Roasted Tomatoes

It is very rare in our home for J. to tell me something he’s craving for dinner mid-afternoon, and for me to look up a recipe, go to the market (just down the street – so lucky), grab fresh ingredients, … Continue reading

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Simple plaid

Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late – I jetted off to New York with J. for a week away. It was absolutely great. I’m still working out how to recap my trip on the blog, … Continue reading

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Dashing off

Dear darlings, J. and I have dashed off to New York for the week. I probably should have been a good blogger and arranged for guest posts, but instead I’m leaving you this little letter to say be back soon! … Continue reading

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Snapshots, v. 21

Life has been nice lately. These are some highlights : ) So many sweet little moments, made even better by Instagram (my obsession). Happy weekend darlings! XO

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Everyone around us knew

O hey! Surprise, it’s fall, but it’s 30 degrees outside! That was the message from Mother Nature over the weekend. It was super warm out and I think everyone around me reverted back to summer ways for just a few … Continue reading

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