Dressing for ‘I do’

Wedding season has arrived! If you are like me, which I think most of you are, you have fully entered the years where wedding invites are plentiful in the spring & summer. And isn’t it great?! I love weddings. There is a romantic side of me that absolutely adores seeing two people in love celebrating with their friends & family. But we’re here to talk about dressing for the affair … so here I go!

Wedding wear is such a broad topic – it’s difficult to outline black & white rules. I’ve been to all kinds of different weddings – traditional in a church, outside on the ocean, laid back on a lake, glamourous on New Year’s eve – and of course every occasion called for different types of outfits. ASOS was kind enough to ask me to choose some of my favourite wedding looks from their site for this post, which are in a collage above. Click here to see more.

Here are some tips I’ve picked up from the weddings I’ve attended in recent years!

Be classy. A wedding is not the place to take risks with a plunging neckline, a sheer dress or a sky-high skirt slit. This day is about the bride. I always feel it’s inappropriate to wear an outfit that will draw too much attention to a guest instead of the bride.

That said, stay true to your style. Feel free to wear a cute headpiece, a bold colour or statement jewelry. The reason you’re at the wedding is because the bride or groom wants you there – so be yourself with your style.

Be comfortable … sort of. You’ll likely be wearing your outfit for most of the day – from the ceremony, to dinner, to mingling and cocktails to dancing – and you should try to be comfortable. That said, this is the time to dress up. Take the opportunity and don’t wear flip flops because you want to be able to dance. If you really find your heels are killing you – take them off on the dance floor! I find this really common (or is that just me?!)

Be happy and kind and have FUN. If I see a guest rolling their eyes at the food or texting throughout the father of the bride speech I feel absolutely crazy. I might be traditional, but the bride, groom and wedding party have put so much time and effort into this day for you, their guest. Appreciate that. Understand that if members of the wedding party see a guest being negative or appearing to have a bad time it will probably kill their spirit, even if just for a moment. Never let that happen! Share your positive energy and enjoy the day. It’s only going to make the entire experience better for everyone involved.

Note: I was compensated to share these ASOS looks on my blog.
I’ve always had excellent experiences with ASOS and would love to wear any of these dresses to a spring or summer wedding!

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2 Responses to Dressing for ‘I do’

  1. April says:

    Love the florals! I am on the look out for a floral dress to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s destination wedding next summer. These are super-cute.

  2. Libby says:

    Loving the top right raspberry guy! the color is amazing! and yes… I also love wedding season! :D

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