Dresser do-over

When I started following the blog Little Green Notebook I quickly realized that unique pieces of statement furniture could be mine with some patience and amateur DIY skills. I purchased this dresser from Kijiji years ago for $15. I decided it was the perfect piece to test my makeover project on, since it didn’t really matter to me if it completely failed. Luckily, I’m pretty happy with the results :)

First I dismantled and cleaned the entire dresser. Then I sanded it (not down to the bare wood, but just enough so the surface was rough), primed (not pictured) using SICO’s GoPrime water-based primer and then applied the first coat. I applied two more coats after that, using SICO’s water-based interior paint in Sparkling Blue.

Then I spray painted the hardware a metallic gold – this was my favourite part! I used Krylon spray paint in Brilliant Gold and I did three coats.

And voila! This project cost me about $60 total for supplies. I spent a full day painting the dresser and an afternoon spray painting the hardware + putting the dresser back together. I can’t say that I’ll now be a dedicated DIYer, and this project would have been easier if I had a garage, but otherwise it was fun and I learned lessons along the way :)

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8 Responses to Dresser do-over

  1. Kristin says:

    I AM OBSESSED. I now want to re-create this completely. You have fully inspired me. GAH SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Kâté says:

    I LOVE IT! That colour is stunning. So glad you blogged it!

  3. brynn says:

    This is amazing! So inspiring. I’m scanning my brain now for pieces I could re-do in my place…

  4. bySarahT says:

    candice, it’s PERFECT! i’m so impressed!!! a fabulous first attempt… or any attempt really. : )

  5. Rebecca says:

    THis is the most fantastic thing! I Love refurbishing cheapy kijiji finds into fabulous things, and you have done the most stellar job! I absolutely love love love the colour you chose – and the gold accents: brilliant.

  6. April says:

    I love it!! Can you please make me one?

  7. T. says:

    It turned out great!

  8. Sara says:

    I love this!!! Thanks for sharing!

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