Snapshots, v. 15

Sigh. Don’t you just love pretty things? Sometimes I just swoon at certain combinations of colours & textures. Yesterday I was packing for a quick weekend trip to Prince Edward Island (crossed fingers for beach weather!) and decided to snap some photos of my outfit ideas. I will also be packing sweat pants and baggy sweaters, but I didn’t think that would photograph as well ; ) Happy weekend loves!


Top two photos: Blouse: Vero Moda (Envy) | Earrings: Je Suis Prest
Bracelet and purse: Thrifted | Belt: Joe Fresh | Shorts: Le Chateau | Flats: Zellers

Bottom two photos: Top: Joe Fresh | Necklace: H&M | Shoes: Nine West

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13 Responses to Snapshots, v. 15

  1. Nikki says:

    Lovely combinations. I really love all the turqoise! Have fun on your weekend trip! x

  2. Kristin says:

    I am in love with this. WHAT shoes are those Nine Wests? I think I am in love. Also in love with the turquoise necklace. Swoon.

    Miss you! xxx

  3. isabel says:

    i knew i should have bought that sequined joe fresh tee but i didnt :(

    love the photos :)

  4. Kristy says:

    such pretty things! :3 I love the cognac cut-out flats, the Joe Fresh striped tee!!!, and turquoise purse (gosh, how come I never get lucky with finding thrifted purses??) !! :D I bought a different (but similar) striped sequined tee from Joe Fresh but it’s so itchy on my skin (damn sequins!) :(

  5. Kate says:

    Oh my gosh I love this post!! Something about seeing clothes all laid out like that is so exciting & inspiring! Lovely! Those nine west shoes look gorrrgeous! You better be snapping some outfit photos of these!

  6. Danni says:

    love the photos today! those colours together look so pretty – i hope the weather turned out well for you!
    xo danni

  7. Neris says:

    wonderful photos! i hope you have fun at your trip :) just came across your blog and love it!


    Fashion Fractions

  8. T. says:

    Love the turquoise bag! Nice blog!

  9. Allison says:

    Looking at this, half of me was like “!!! I want all of this!”
    Then I realized I owned about half of it. Well, not quite, but something similar. So frequently fashion blogs make me envious, but you showed me a new way to put things together so I’m very pleased!
    (… just also still a bit envious. I love the turquoise bag!)

  10. jessica says:

    i love how you paired the stripe t-shirt with the turquoise necklace! lovely <3

  11. Jen says:

    These are gorgeous little snapshots! What a lovely aesthetic you have :) The sequin sweater reminds me that I’ve been wanting to “sequinize” my own striped sweater!


  12. Nice pictures ! Love the combo

  13. Rebecca says:

    I am a little late in commenting but I love your pretty pictures (and that lovely turquoise necklace!). I hope you had a lovely time in my home province!

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